Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is important for you to understand how your personal data is collected when you visit and use our website as well as how we use and process your information. This Policy applies only on the processing of personal data gathered on this website and not to data processing that occurs on other websites.


Data Subject & Data Controller

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) data subject is defined as ‘identified or identifiable natural person[s]’. Since personal data processing that might occur on our website is about your personal data, you are considered to be a data subject. Therefore, you are able to exercise your rights which are granted by the GDPR.
Data Controller means the natural or legal person who (either alone or jointly or in common with other persons) determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal information are, or are to be, processed. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, since we determine the purpose and means of processing of your personal data on this website, we are considered to be a Data Controller over your Personal Data. Being a Data Controller creates an obligation to protect your data with an utmost caution, according to relevant data protection laws.

Purpose for processing

We process your email address for authentication purposes, as well as to distinguish you from other users. Your email address is used so we can communicate with you about some changes regarding your account or our services, as well as to send you newsletters upon your consent.

Your assigned ID is processed for the purposes of distinguishing you from other users.

The browser and operating system you are using is processed for the purposes of enabling site functionalities and related services.

We process your IP address for the purpose of determining your approximate geolocation which may further be used for analytical purposes and for presenting the ad content compliant to the relevant laws in your jurisdiction.

Your financial data may be processed if you win a competition organized by us, in order to transfer the cash prize to you.

The information about the tips you post is necessary for the purpose of creating the tip and making them available for other users of our website, as well as for creating the statistics in order to conduct the fair and transparent competition among tipsters.